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Sydney Olympic Park provides a dedicated premium parking area for Point to Point (PTP) transport operators for selected Major Events.

Any vehicles qualified under Point-to-Point Transport Regulations with an approved permit would be permitted to park in the dedicated PTP parking areas.  

PTP Premium Parking is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and is subject to availability. Pre-bookings are essential to guarantee parking.  

PTP vehicles wanting to access the PTP premium parking area will need to pre-book at least 24 hours prior. The PTP Premium Parking area will be open from around the time that venue doors/gates open, until approximately one hour after the event concludes.

A non-refundable fee of $64 applies for access to the PTP premium parking area  

Pre-bookings are available from 2 months prior to the event date and will close at midnight before the event date. 

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Where to park

  • The dedicated parking area is located on Dawn Fraser Ave, with access from Edwin Flack Ave. Follow the route outlined on the map to avoid any confusion with road closures. Traffic Controllers will be on hand to assist with access. Please have ready your booking confirmation number and permit.
  • PTP operators also have access to a shared pick-up/drop-off area on Uhrig Road.
  • Park in an available parking bay and follow any instructions from staff on the ground. The PTP Premium Parking area is open until approximately one hour after the event concludes.
  • PTP operators only wishing to drop off or pick up passengers can use the dedicated area on Uhrig Road. Dropping off and picking up passengers in the PTP Premium parking areas is not permitted (unless access has been pre-booked, and a permit is displayed).  

Other information

  • Vehicles should ideally arrive and be parked before the event starts and no later than 30 minutes after the event starts. Entry cannot be guaranteed beyond this time, as the site is generally locked down to favour vehicles leaving rather than arriving.  
  • Vehicles longer than 5 metres are not permitted into Dawn Fraser Ave area, however, alternative PTP premium parking is available upon request and subject to availability. Contact us via email at [email protected]
  • A booking for the PTP Premium Parking area allows access for a PTP vehicle to the dedicated parking area. It does NOT guarantee a particular parking space within that area.  
  • Each PTP vehicle is entitled to one permit only.  
  • On the event day, access to the PTP Premium parking area will be available at the event times advertised by the venue, generally when gates open. If there are no traffic controllers in the area, you must park legally somewhere else and return to the PTP Premium Parking area when it opens.  
  • Traffic control staff will be checking permits and accreditation prior to access to the PTP Premium Parking area. Driver and Vehicle Registration details will be checked against the booking form. If there has been a change to driver and/or vehicle, this should be reported to the Traffic Controller at the access point and a decision will be made regarding access to the PTP Premium Parking area.  
  • The Permit must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard whilst parked in the PTP Premium Parking area.
  • If you wish to leave the designated parking area with the intention of returning to pick up passengers, your dashboard permit will need to be endorsed by the Traffic Controller before departure and clearly displayed when re-entering the area. Please note you have access to any available parking spaces but are not guaranteed the same space you were in before you left.  
  • Casual parking in the PTP Premium parking area will only be permitted if space is available and the $64 fee is paid.