Sydney Olympic Park supports a rich natural environment that includes over 250 native animal species, over 400 native plant species and three endangered ecological communities.

The high ecological values of the Park have resulted in 304 hectares (nearly half of the Park) being zoned under NSW planning legislation for environmental conservation and management. 

The key habitats

  • estuarine and freshwater wetlands,
  • remnant eucalypt forest,
  • saltmarsh meadows,
  • woodland bird habitats.

Wildlife surveys

Participate in Wildlife surveys. During 2019-20 alone, approximately 926 volunteer hours were donated under the Ecofriends program by members of the Cumberland Bird Observers Club, NSW Frog and Tadpole Study Group, Australian Herpetological Society, Birdlife Australia, and members of the community participating in citizen science programs.

Park pledge

Pledge to keep our Park clean by pledging to ‘say no to single-use plastic’, to ‘take your rubbish home’ and to ‘reduce the use of plastic bags’.

Eyes on Nature

Subscribe to Eyes on Nature, the monthly ecology newsletter, to gain insights into the biodiversity of the Park and habitat management. Click here to subscribe (and choose the Learning and Discovery preference).

Walking your dog

Respect Parkland rules when walking your dog and protect conservation areas by sticking to designated pathways only, disposing of rubbish thoughtfully and reporting injured wildlife to the Authority.  

What else can you do?

Find out what a Green Star Community is

Read our eBook 20 Years of Healing: Delivering the ecological legacy of the Green Games.

Join the Authority’s Park Care Community Weed and Plant Program.