Distance to venues

Check the walking distances to your event or the height clearances for our car parks.

Entry point and height restrictions

P1: Entry via Edwin Flack Avenue (corner of Old Hill Link) | Height restriction: 2.0 metres

P2: Entry via Shane Gould Avenue (off Olympic Boulevard or Edwin Flack Avenue) | Open-air car park

P3: Entry via Sarah Durack Avenue | Height restriction: 2.1 metres

P4: Entry via Sarah Durack Avenue (corner of Edwin Flack Avenue) | Open-air car park

P5: Entry via Hill Road (near Holker Street) | Open-air car park

P6: Entry via Australia Avenue (corner of Murray Rose Avenue) | Open-air car park

P8: Entry via Herb Elliott Avenue (near Park Street) | Height restriction: 2.3 metres


Accor Stadium | Gates A F

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P1490m6 minutes
P2590m7 minutes
P3755m9 minutes
P41150m14 minutes
P51650m20 minutes
P6720m9 minutes
P8565m7 minutes



Accor Stadium | Gates G I

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P1230m3 minutes
P2825m10 minutes
P31025m12 minutes
P41300m16 minutes
P51440m18 minutes
P6940m11.5 minutes
P8755m9 minutes



Accor Stadium | Gates J N

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P1135m2 minutes
P2955m9 minutes
P31250m15 minutes
P41040m12.5 minutes
P51604m19.5 minutes
P61215m15 minutes
P815 minutes12 minutes



Accor Stadium | Gates O Q

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P1415m5 minutes
P2755m9 minutes
P3955m11 minutes
P4830m10 minutes
P51945m23.5 minutes
P6940m12 minutes
P8785m10 minutes



Aquatic Centre

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P2135m2 minutes
P3365m4.5 minutes
P4720m9 minutes
P52100m25 minutes
P6900m11 minutes
P8555m7 minutes



Athletic Centre

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P1540m7 minutes
P2565m7 minutes
P31010m12 minutes
P4570m7 minutes
P52125m25 minutes
P61115m14 minutes 
P8922m11 minutes



Bicentennial Park

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P31320m16 minutes



Hockey Centre

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P3525m6 minutes 
P480m1 minute
P61495m18 minutes
P81225m15 minutes



Cathy Freeman Park

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P1365m4.5 minutes
P51400m17 minutes



Monster Skatepark

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P1400m4.5 minutes



Mountain BMX 

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P5350m5 minutes



Mountain X

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P5350m5 minutes



Qudos Bank Arena

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P1285m4 minutes
P2995m12 minutes
P31170m14 minutes
P41550m19 minutes
P51200m14.5 minutes
P6980m12 minutes



Sports Halls

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P1370m4 minutes
P3290m3.5 minutes
P4425m5 minutes
P61290m16 minutes
P8990m12 minutes



Sydney Showground Stadium

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P1555m7 minutes
P31150m13 minutes 
P41560m19 minutes
P51100m13.5 minutes
P6705m9 minutes
P8680m8 minutes



Tennis Centre

Car parkDistanceApprox. walk
P3410m5 minutes
P4600m7 minutes 
P61390m17 minutes 
P81105m13.5 minutes