Accessible parking

To guarantee a car space, pre-book parking before your visit and use an accessible space on the day.

Sydney Olympic Park Town Centre has over 300 accessible and mobility car parking spaces

Please plan ahead as these may not be available during large or multiple events due to road closures.

When using an accessible parking space, please display your Mobility Parking Permit to avoid fines.

For more information call on 02 9714 7077 or email us at [email protected].

Off-street accessible spaces

  • P1 car park: 183 spaces
  • P2 car park: 9 spaces
  • P3 car park: 31 spaces 
  • P4 car park: 32 spaces
  • P5 car park: 34 spaces
  • P6 car park: 11 spaces 
  • P8 car park: 6 spaces

On-street accessible spaces

  • Showground Road: 8 spaces
  • Herb Elliott Avenue: 3 spaces
  • Murray Rose Ave (east): 1 space
  • Dawn Fraser Avenue (west): 5 spaces
  • Olympic Boulevard (south): 10 spaces