Terms & conditions

Health Club Memberships

Terms & conditions

Health Club Memberships

Members entry into SOPAC

Members must scan their RFID Membership band on the RFID readers upon entry to the Aquatic Centre and Health Club areas to gain access. RFID Membership band must be worn at all times within the centre and presented to staff upon request. Entry may be refused if a Member fails to present their RFID Membership band upon entry or request. If an RFID Membership band is lost, stolen or damaged, a $50 replacement fee will be charged to the Member. Non payment shall result in the Membership being suspended. RFID Membership bands cannot be used by any other person other than the registered member. The RFID Membership band remains the property of the Aquatic Centre at all times and must be returned upon termination or expiry of membership.

A Membership can be transferred for a fee of $50.00 and with written agreement from all parties.

Off-Peak times

Off Peak memberships allow these Members access to SOPAC facilities and services between 8 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday only.

Change of Address Details

SOPAC asks that Members provide the Membership Services team with sufficient notice of changes to address or contact details to be updated on your customer profile.

Access to Members Spas, Steam & Sauna rooms

SOPAC has Member’s only spas. Member’s spas rules and regulations are clearly displayed on the wall above the spas. Members also have access to the Steam & Sauna rooms. To ensure correct usage of these areas, your RFID Membership band must be displayed at all times.

SOPAC also requests that all patrons shower before entering the swimming pools and spas, and all patrons must dry themselves after a pool session and before entering any other parts of the Centre.

Members Change Rooms

SOPAC provides Members change rooms exclusively for Health Club Members. Guests are  not  permitted in  these  change rooms  with  the  exclusion of  Member’s  children (under 10 years only) who may access these changing facilities when accompanied by their guardian. Please note that children 7 years or older are not permitted in opposite sex change rooms and in this situation family change rooms are available for family usage.

In the interests of privacy transgender patrons/members will be required to use either the change-rooms / toilet facilities consistent with their legal gender status or the family change-rooms / accessible bathroom facilities. We recommend using the family change-rooms or accessible bathroom facilities.

Conditions of use for the Member’s change rooms are displayed at the entrance to the change rooms. The use of cameras & mobile phone cameras are not permitted in change rooms. SOPAC staff conduct daily random checks to monitor correct usage of Member’s facilities and an internal telephone is provided and should be used if experiencing difficulties.

Gender Disclosure

All members must disclose in the application form their legal gender status, as supported by official identification documents such as a driver’s licence or passport, when applying for membership.


All belongings should be stored in the lockers provided and Members should keep their RFID Membership band with them at all times. Personal belongings are not permitted in the Health Club. SOPAC accepts no responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen items. Public use lockers are also made available for an additional fee throughout the Centre. At the end of business SOPAC staff check and clear the Members change room lockers. All belongings left in lockers are taken to Member Services. Refer to lost property for further information.

Lost Property

All items found are placed in the Pool Duty Room.  Items of value are kept in a safe and are available for collection at the request of the Member at the Pool Duty Room.

SOPAC takes no responsibility for any lost, damaged or stolen items while Members are using the Centre.

Request for Time Stop

SOPAC offers time stop on the below indicated Memberships:
3-month: No Time Stop
6-month: Min 1-week Max 4 weeks for the term of the Membership
12-month: Min 1-week Max 8 weeks for the term of the Membership
Monthly Debit: Min period of 1 week Max of 3 months

  • All monthly debit time stop applications (including medical) incur administration fees of $0.30 per day of time stop on a membership.
  • All time stop requests must be submitted in writing and must be applied for in advance. Requests will not be backdated.
  • Medical suspension can only be requested if a Member is unable to utilise facilities and services offered by SOPAC for the reason of temporary physical incapacity. Medical Suspension must be applied for in writing and a current medical certificate must be attached at the time of request. Medical suspension time stop may be applied across all Membership types; however approval can only be granted at the discretion of the SOPAC Membership Services Team up to your allocated time stop allowance.
  • Requests beyond your allocated allowance must be approved by SOPAC Management and is not guaranteed. Medical time stop may be approved for a maximum of 3 months.
  • Any requests for time stop will not be accepted by phone.

Venue Repairs and Maintenance

The Centre has an extensive Asset Management Plan in place to ensure that all facilities are maintained in accordance with World’s Best Practice. As a result, a particular facility or service within SOPAC may be unavailable for use for notified periods of time due to a mechanical breakdown, loss of lease, catastrophe or any other reason. In this event you agree to not hold SOPAC responsible or liable for any such occurrences.

Major Events

As SOPAC hosts a significant number of major events throughout the year the availability of some facilities and/or services will be affected during these times.

SOPAC Management reserves the right to alter operating hours during major events and any changes to operating hours will be advertised in advance.

Operating Agreement

Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre is a division of the Sydney Olympic Park Authority.

Operating Hours

Members may utilise SOPAC during advertised operating hours* and all Members must be off the premises by close of business. Access to the centre will cease 30 minutes prior to venue closure. Please refer to current operational and group fitness information advertised internally for up to date information

*Excluding off peak Members who can only utilise SOPAC between 8 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday only.

Age Requirements

Members must be 16 years and over to hold a Membership to the Health Club.

For pool use, children under the age of 10 years must be closely supervised (within arms length) by an adult (16 years and over).


Memberships can only be renewed to a maximum of 60 days in advance. Discounts will not be offered to memberships being renewed after 2 weeks of the expiry date.

Conduct within SOPAC

Signs and notices around the Centre form part of the rules and regulations of the Centre. Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre is a non-smoking venue (including outdoor areas). SOPAC management reserves the right to refuse entry, cancel a Membership or ask a Member to leave the Centre if they do not behave in a responsible manner, are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs or do not adhere to the Conditions of Entry*. In the event that this occurs SOPAC is under no obligation to refund any money.

*Conditions of entry are displayed at the front of the centre.

Exercise Attire

When utilising the Health Club, Members must wear appropriate clothing, this includes tracksuits, shorts and t-shirts. Clean and enclosed sports joggers/runners must also be worn at all times in these areas.

For hygiene purposes Members must use a towel when using the Health Club at all times and should wipe down the equipment after use.

For pool use, only recognised swimwear, including lycra and nylon can be worn in the pools. Clothing such as cut-off jeans, t-shirts, bike pants, leotards and casual wear are strictly prohibited in the pools, spas, sauna and steam room.

Towel Hire

Towels can be hired for an additional fee to Member’s from the Customer Service Desk. Photo ID must be left to secure your towel hire. If a towel is lost, stolen or damaged, a replacement fee of $15.00 will be charged.

Right of Cancellation & Refund Requests

Membership cancellation may only be requested under the following circumstances:
(1)  In the event of death, serious illness, permanent injury, medical disability or relocation more than 15km’s away from SOPAC.
(2)  In such an event SOPAC requires 30 days written notice and payment of the last months dues. SOPAC also reserves the right to require and verify reasonable evidence in writing of the change in circumstances (i.e. Doctors Certificate.)
(3) At the discretion of SOPAC management we reserve the right to cancel a Membership agreement and request the return of the RFID Membership band.
(4)  If a Member is claiming ‘relocation’ (Refer to Point 1) a Member must provide 30  days
written notice and pay the last months dues. SOPAC reserves the right to require and verify reasonable evidence in writing of the change in circumstances (i.e. signed lease, new utility bill.)
All requests to cancel must be submitted in writing and the Member must provide 30 days written notice and pay the last months dues. Any requests for cancellation or refund will not be accepted by phone. All membership refunds will incur a $50 administration fee payable upon approval of your request (excluding medical reasons or bankruptcy).

Food & Beverage

No food or drink (except water & sports drinks) is to be taken into the Health Club, this includes the gymnasium, cardio-theatre and fitness studios.

SOPAC does not allow any glass containers or bottles to be brought onto the premises.

As the Centre caters for all food and beverage requirements, commercial fast foods are not permitted within SOPAC.

Fitness & Aqua-Fitness Classes

All Members wishing to participate in Fitness or Aqua Fitness classes must request a ticket on arrival at the Customer Service Desk. This ticket must then be presented to the instructor prior to commencement of the class. Tickets will not be issued more than 5 minutes after the scheduled start of the class. Class numbers are limited to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants. RFID Membership band must be displayed at all times.


The car parks throughout Sydney Olympic Park are managed and maintained by Secure Parking PTY LTD.  Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) has made available a validated parking system for SOPAC. Members are entitled to 4 hours free parking in P2 and P3 car parks and upon entry should present their parking ticket to the Customer Service Desk for validation. If Members exceed the 4 hours free parking, an additional fee will need to be paid at the automatic pay station. If a parking ticket is lost, stolen or damaged, a replacement fee needs to be paid at the automatic pay station for a new ticket to be produced. Please note that Major Events hosted at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic & Athletic Centres will affect parking availability throughout the year. Members are not provided with exclusive parking access and this does not form part of your membership.

Personal Training

Only SOPAC staff may conduct personal training or fitness instruction.

Monthly Debit Memberships

SOPAC Finance administers the payments for your contract on behalf of SOPAC.

Monthly debit Memberships can only be set up with a Visa card, MasterCard or direct debit from your nominated bank account.
All monthly debit Memberships require a minimum commitment as per your agreement and accounts will be debited on the 28th day of each month.

Time stop is available on a monthly debit Membership – (Refer to Request for Time Stop.) Memberships purchased on days 1-7 of a calendar month are considered a full month for monthly debit requirements. Pro rata amounts are payable at date of joining.

I acknowledge that to successfully cancel my Membership prior to the completion of my Periodic Billing Membership Contract I need to provide 30 days written notice to SOPAC. Any requests not received with 30 days' notice the last month’s dues will be charged. Request for cancellations cannot be completed over the phone. SOPAC will respond to cancellation requests within 7 days of its receipt. Your membership payments will not be cancelled until you receive written confirmation of the cancellation.

In the event of a price increase, SOPAC will provide 30 days written notice before the new price comes into effect.

Your financial institution statement will show a debit from Sydney Olympic Park Authority.