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Welcome to the Sydney Olympic Park Resource Centre. The policies deemed suitable for public release are listed below.

Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) is part of the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure. You can view Department policies here. If you can not find the information you are looking for please contact us.

Please view the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure Code of Ethics and Conduct. The Code, along with other policies, are used by staff in the day-to-day operations of the department.

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Fees and Charges 2023-24
Fees and Charges 2023-24 (PDF)(1.65 MB)


Project and design guidelines

Commercial Signage Policy
Environmental Management - Significant Tree Register
Infrastructure Engineering and Construction Manual (IECM)
Parklands Elements Design Manual
Protection of Trees Guidelines
Parkland Elements and Details Signage
Urban Elements Design Manual 


Master Plan 2030

Master Plan 2030 Section 1: Introduction
Master Plan 2030 Section 2: Background
Master Plan 2030 Section 3: Planning Principles
Master Plan 2030 Section 4: General Controls and Guidelines
Master Plan 2030 Section 5.1: Introduction
Master Plan 2030 Section 5.2: Central Precinct
Master Plan 2030 Section 5.3: Central Sports Precinct
Master Plan 2030 Section 5.4: Stadia Precinct
Master Plan 2030 Section 5.5: Sydney Showground Precinct
Master Plan 2030 Section 5.6: Parkview Precinct
Master Plan 2030 Section 5.7: Boundary Creek and Tennis Precincts
Master Plan 2030 Section 5.8: Southern Sports Precinct
Master Plan 2030 Section 5.9: Haslams Precinct
Master Plan 2030 Appendices
Master Plan 2030 Appendix E: Interim Metro Review


Accessibility and inclusion

Disability Inclusion Action PlanDisability inclusion [NSW Dept of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure]
Access Guidelines
Access Guidelines (PDF)(1.4 MB)


Corporate responsibility framework

Corporate Responsibility Framework


Environment resources and publications

20 Years of Healing: Delivering the Ecological Legacy of the Green Games
Environment resources and publicationsSee all resources and publications


Environmental guidelines

Environmental Guidelines
Environmental Guidelines (PDF)(467.05 KB)


Environmental protection licence monitoring data

Blaxland Sustainable Leachate Treatment Wetlands | Monitoring data
Water Reclamation and Management Scheme (WRAMS) | Monitoring data
Wilson Park Bioremediation System | Monitoring data


Parklands plan of management

Parklands Land Boundaries
Parklands Plan of Management 2010
Plan of Management: Newington Nature


Planning documents

Abattoir Heritage Precinct: Conservation Master Plan
Advisory Notes: Exempt Development
Advisory Notes: Local Development
Commercial Outdoor Seating Policy
Guidelines for Events Held Within Sydney Olympic Park
Environment Planning Instrument: Development Approval Workflow
Major Event Impact Assessment Guidelines
Newington Armory Conservation Management Plan (Volume 1)
Newington Armory Conservation Management Plan (Volume 2)
Sydney Olympic Park Local Infrastructure Contributions Framework


Planning maps

Acid Sulfate Soil
Acid Sulfate Soil Map (PDF)(314.8 KB)
Building Height
Building Height Map (PDF)(328.75 KB)
Environment Conservation
Floor Space
Floor Space Map (PDF)(328.58 KB)
Heritage Map (PDF)(318.78 KB)
Land Application
Land Application Map (PDF)(286.77 KB)
Land Zoning 
Land Zoning Map (PDF)(309.7 KB)
Reduced Level
Reduced Level Map (PDF)(296.48 KB)


SOPA Act schedules and related

Additional Roads SOPA Prepares Traffic Management Plans
Redundant Encumbrances Map
Millennium Parklands Map
Millennium Parklands Map (PDF)(1.29 MB)
Road transfers
Road Transfer (PDF)(606.23 KB)
Development Area
Development Area (PDF)(7.29 MB)
Sydney Olympic Park Boundaries


SOPA policies and procedures

Environmental management policies and procedures

Cat Management Procedure
Pesticides Use Notification Policy
Invasive Environmental Weeds Procedure
Pollution Incident Notification Policy
Recreational Fishing Procedure


Other policies

Busking Policy
Busking Policy (PDF)(88.13 KB)
CCTV Protocol
CCTV Protocol 2024 (PDF)(2.08 MB)
Filming Policy
Filming Policy (PDF)(107.58 KB)
Lighting of the Olympic Cauldron Policy
Public Interest Disclosures Policy
Stormwater Management and Water Sensitive Urban Design
Work Permit Policy
Work Permit Policy (PDF)(94.7 KB)